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Sword Belt Scabbard

    Fabricante:  Epic armoury    P/N:  2579    Código:  15003
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Sword Belt Scabbard

Sword Belt Scabbard

96,52 €

"Her trusty sword was at her side, safe in its scabbard as she perched atop the mountain outcropping. She'd been tracking the ogres for days, and her energy flickered like a torch in the dead of night. But the weariness burned away with the speed of said torch catching on oil as she noticed that these tracks were fresh. The ogres had a camp nearby. Skipping lightly, she skidded down the other side of the outcropping. Her eyes were on the ogres, laughing and feasting over a reeking stew. She closed her eyes momentarily, letting her hand gently caress the scabbard, becoming one with the blade. She saw her opportunity; one of the ogres came stumbling closer to her hideout, and in a silent movement, she leapt out, drawing her blades, as she came soaring towards the ogre.

Epic Armoury's Sword Belt Scabbard is a full-length leather scabbard that defends your sword against cold, wind and rain. This sheath is designed to give you an elegant look while maintaining high practicality. With its fastening rings, the Sword Belt Scabbard can be easily attached to belts thick and thin, your backpack or even your back like a ranger. It fits perfectly with the and the , as the scabbard was designed to fit these belts.

This fastening system makes the scabbard uniquely fitted for both left- and right-handed warriors.

If you prefer alternatives to leather and animal products, may we suggest

Note: This scabbard is designed to be used by both left- and right-handed people.

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