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Celtic Lamellar - Suede

    Fabricante:  Epic armoury    P/N:  2586    Código:  15006
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Celtic Lamellar - Suede

Celtic Lamellar - Suede

268,62 €

"His expedition unfurled like an ancient scroll, revealing secrets etched in the deep's very essence—forgotten pathways and hidden chambers where time seemed to pause, drawing a slow, deep breath. With his trusty pickaxe and the flickering light of his torch, Bofar delved deeper into the mountain's heart, where shadows danced with slivers of light, and the darkness whispered of hidden wonders."

Epic Armoury’s Celtic Lamellar is a Suede cuirass designed to protect the torso with a reinforced suede breastplate and stiff backplate. Made from overlapping, vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather, this cuirass is shaped to deflect blows while offering great flexibility. Embellished with golden runic stamps and sturdy Suedecord stitching, adjust this strong breastplate at the flanks where three long Suede straps and brass buckles attach the front to the backplate.

This Celtic Lamellar caters to the Gaelic tradition, making it a great choice for fleet-footed soldiers and skirmishers. This armour is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury Suede and metal armour pieces. While designed to fit a Celtic setting, the style will also match a broad range of worlds and characters, allowing you the freedom to create your own unique style.

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